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How can conditions be improved for walking and biking around Pittsburg?

What is Pittsburg Moves?

Pittsburg Moves is an exciting opportunity for the City to develop a community-driven, equitable, and innovative vision for the future of walking and biking in Pittsburg. Pittsburg Moves will spell out clear policies, programs, and practices to support the safety and comfort of people walking and biking in Pittsburg today while encouraging new walking and biking trips through a robust and comfortable active transportation network near schools, parks, and transit stations. This will not be an easy feat: Pittsburg’s suburban roadway network and railroad and major infrastructure, present major barriers to connectivity. However, biking and walking issues are emerging as priorities for the community, particularly as ways to get exercise or replace short car trips

Why Does it Matter?

Bicycling and walking provide multiple benefits to individuals and the broader community. These include:

Health and Safety

Benefits to public safety and health are key components of any transportation plan. In addition to preventing collisions, active transportation plans can improve personal security, air quality, and various health measures.



A critical component of many bicycle and pedestrian planning projects is education about best practices and associated benefits. This can include training for key staff from public agencies, public outreach, and school programs.



Active transportation plans improve access to a range of important destinations, both by improving facility type and providing connections to other forms of transportation such as transit.


Envisioning and building a stronger network for pedestrians and bicycles can complement improvements to public art, landscaping, and other aspects of public spaces.


Improvements to bicycle and pedestrian conditions have important equity implications. This includes equal coverage across all areas of a community in terms of bicycle and pedestrian facilities and ADA access.

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